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his death at the hands of vallejo police has sparked weeks of protests. mario romero's family denies police claims that he threatened them. >> lies have been told about my son. >> the community has a right to be outraged about what has taken place. >> the mayor says he wants an independent investigation into the city's seventh officer-involved shooting this year. >> the mayor of vallejo is issuing a special request to the
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state attorney general after an officer-involved shooting leaves a young man dead and the community in an uproar. nearly 30 shots were fired by police officers into the car of mario romero back on september the 2nd. romero got out of the car holding a handgun, they said. it turned out to be a pellet gun. he was on felony probation at the time of the shooting. in a statement released today. the mayor says his request for the state attorney general is not an indication of a lack of confidence in the officers but says "a secondary review will help to establish trust in the process." tonight, kron4's theresa estacio spoke with romero's mother. >> it hurts me to know that an minute person can be killed by an authority. >> reporter: she stands in front of the make shift memorial of her son, mario romero.
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she tells kron4 that the past several weeks have been very tough, but she shares with us this statement she wrote about the mayor's request for an independent investigation into her son's death. >> the mayor's gesture is a positive step toward justice for my son, mario romero. we hope that the next city council meeting, we will have the votes of the council to bring in an outside agency. >> reporter: romero was her oldest son and he leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. >> i miss everything about him. i miss his ways of, mamma, can i have this, what you going to cook? there's a whole lot of things i miss about him. he was always pretty much a happy person. a very nice and polite person. >> reporter: in vallejo, theresa estacio, kron4.
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a parolee wanted on gun charges was able to escape from oakland police during an early-evening car chase that sent one woman to the hospital. sheer video of the crash scene. the parolee crashed his bmw into another car severely injuring that driver, then he crashed into a shuttle bus carrying mentally challenged adults. witnesses describe the crash. >> they were, like, 60 miles per hour >> 100 miles per hour. >> at least 100 miles per hour. >> this car came over and smashed into her car, and knocked her into the year. >> even if they were a fugitive, a robber, they cannot drive 100 miles per hour. they're endangering people's lives. oakland police need to get stuff something, and they endangered too many people in this incident. >> witnesses only describe the suspect as having neck tattoos. it has been a very busy night in san francisco.
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reggie kumar is live at city call tonight where thousands of people attended the red hot chilli peppers' concert. >> reporter: the concert just wrapped up actually less than an hour ago. you can see there are still a lot of people out here. all of these events started at about the same time. it looked like a parking lot leaving from the mascone center. there was nothing but red taillights as far as the eye could see. san francisco police and officers were trying to direct traffic, but there was still major gridlock. all the drivers were trying to get to three events. the chilli peppers concert, the san francisco symphony's gala, and an opera performance.
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i was on 9th heading toward larkin and traffic was forced to change lanes and take hayes instead. my entire trip which usually takes less than 15 minute took 35. >> how long have you been waiting? >> 2 hours now >> where are you coming from? >> marin county , that vatto >> how snooze trying -- there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: larkin will close again around 6:00 pm for another concert friday evening. >> reporter: lady antebellum will be performing here tomorrow
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evening, so expect more delays. >> temperatures were once again on the cooler side this afternoon. we saw temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s, and it's getting quite chilly out there in spots around the bay area this evening. we are going to see cooler conditions for the overnight hours, the fog not as widespread, and it's going to clear quicker than today. temperatures are still going to be in the 60s and 70s tomorrow, but we are going to see a warmer friday forecast. prosecutors do not plan to file criminal charges against the uc davis police officers who sprayed students and alumni with pepper spray during protests last november. a statement released by the county district attorney's office today concluded that there was not enough evidence to prove that the use of force was illegal.
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the officers said they felt they were in danger with a hostile mob. new tonight at 11:00, mexican authorities say a giant wave struck and dragged off a walnut creek couple walking on a beach in baja, california. ted park was walking with his wife in los cabos when a wave swept them out to sea. the man's body was found two hours later by the navy. the chain restaurant chick-fil-a says that it will stop funding organizations which oppose same-sex marriage. back in july, the fast food chain found itself at the center of a controversy. the company's president said then that his business is guilty as charged of supporting the biblical definition of the family unit and added that the company
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funded antigay groups. the remarks prompted protests from same-sex marriage advocates. today they said they will no longer fund those groups and "treat every person with honor, dignity, and respect, regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender." >> coming up, a new report says eating rice may be risky. what researchers found in the starchy staple. >> later in this broadcast, the san francisco giants trying to take another step toward winning the division title. the a's better get going. things are not going their way in detroit. and we'll also talk about the latest in, hi, i'm tweeting. i'm a tough guy. somebody laid out a death threat on josh morgan. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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some of the stories making headlines tomorrow, the suspect in the aurora colorado theatre shooting may be facing even more charges. prosecutors filed a motion to add 10 charges to the 142 already filed against james holmes. holmes is accused of opening fire in a movie theatre. 12 people were killed. 58 others were injured. he is scheduled in court for a motions hearing on thursday morning. some businesses keep an eye on tomorrow. we will get the weekly reading of first-time unemployment benefit claims. economist are expecting that number to drop. and the space shuttle endeavor flying atop a modified 747 will finally arrive in california. it's expected to
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land at edwards airforce base tomorrow night before making a tour of the golden state.
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a new study shows a dangerous chemical could be lurking in rice. consumer reports says it found significant and worrisome levels of arsenic in nearly every rice product that it tested.
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the study says that rice eaters who ate one serving of rice a day had 44% more arsenic in their bodies compared to those who do not eat rice. the arsenic found was the inorganic kind and that means that it does not occur naturally, but it can be found in pesticides. in high doses, arsenic is linked to cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. the rice industry claims the concerns are overblown. the fda says it plans to collect its own samples and make a recommendation on arsenic levels by the end of the year. the first phase of california's high-speed rail system gets the green light. the decision today by the federal railroad administration was the last technical hurdle before construction could begin. but there is still the possibility of legal delay, including one central valley group. it claims that the state did not fully review environmental concerns. the total price of the system is at
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least $68 billion. when it's completed, the line will travel from sacramento to san diego. a riot at the folsom prison ended with 12 inmates injured. prison officials say they will need a few days to examine the video and figure out the cause of the riot and who's responsible. it was remained on the cooler side this afternoon, mainly in the 60s and 70s. we did see a couple low 80s in the inland valleys. 81 in antioch, 80 in fairfield. cooler conditions closer to the coastline. tomorrow, a similar day. not quite as much fog, and it's going to clear quicker. temperatures are still going to be in the 60s and 70s. a few degrees warmer in the south bay
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tomorrow. into friday, even warmer conditions thanks to winds out of the north picking up. that's going to help clear out the fog through most of the bay area, and warm temperatures back into the 70s and 80s for the most part. tell believe short-lived. saturday, more cloud cover and cooler temperatures returning. temperatures in the south bay tomorrow, warmer in the 70s. 74 in san jose, 77? los gatos. 70 -- in los gatos. 70 in mountain view. 79 in concord. 78 in liver more more. more sunshine tomorrow afternoon, but temperatures still cool in the upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow, much of the same. as we head into friday, the winds out of the north are going to pick up and that's going to allow skies to clear. but a disturbance moves over us saturday into sunday. no rain, but more cloud cover and cooler
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temperatures especially on sunday. demand continues to skyrocket for the new iphone 5 which comes out on friday. apple has pushed back the shipping date. it will take as long as a month to get to you. gabe slate has more. >> reporter: if you don't want to wait a month for the iphone 5 to be mailed to you, dust off your sleeping bag and join the fans who are already camping out across the kitchen for friday's release. or go -- the country for friday's release. or go on e-bay. thousands are promising they will ship out their phones this friday. the phones are going for over $1,600. the auctions are real, they have dozens of bid, and have hours left on them. who knows where they'll end up? maybe over $2,000. would you pay that much for an iphone 5? crazy. it's obvious this phone
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is going to be a huge success. it's the first iphone to run on 4g. the good news, it will be the fastest it's ever been, much better, smoother and snappier with the networks hold out. it's possible the huge influx of the new phones on the networks would lead to problems. congestion, slower 4g lte speeds than expected, possibly dropped calls, crashing apps. we will not know for a couple weeks after everyone gets their new iphone what kind of problems it will cause, if any. the entire mobile industry is on the edge of its seat watching this and waiting to see what happens. the carries believe they are ready for this. they knew it was coming. they have spent two years and billions of dollars building the network to get it ready for the 4g iphone.
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now we see why the carriers have gotten rid of unlimited data plans. sprint currently does have an lte 4g network up and running in the bay area. they will soon. they have no launch date set. a sprint iphone 5 will continue running on the older 3g network. so don't get a new iphone thinking it will be superfast and 4g. alex smith is in hot water for wearing a baseball cap. and the giants are marching toward clifrping the division title -- clinching the division title.
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all right. good evening, everybody. giants are close to pouring champagne. tonight, another sell-out crowd, and the petaluma little leaguers in attendance. the giants and the colorado rockies, here we go with sandoval. he has not homered in 161 at-bats until he golfs one fair and gone. nobody was saying he's fat tonight. [ laughter ] >> he had 3 hits and a home run, right? and the giants -- colorado packed it in three
11:25 pm
months ago. matt cain 8 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, 8 strikeouts. 15-five, e.r.a. under 3. the magic number is 5. the a's are off to an undistinguished start of this road trip. brett anderson, really nice since he came back from tommy john. his 48th pitch an oblique muscle. he leaves and detroit opened it up from there. miguel cabrera, triple crown numbers. no. 1 batting average, 2nd in home runs, 1st in rbis. that's his 41st home run. 6-2 tigers. a's tied with the orioles atop the wildcard. angels lose, so they stay 2.5 games back.
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alex smith has been red-hot but apparently has no regard for the rules! this is laughable. he wore a giants hat to a press conference. nfl fined him $15,000. then they thought, man, this is pretty silly. we got the bountygate deal going on, and we're going to fine this go 15-grand? so they have given alex a stiff warning. always, always wear nfl official gear to your press conferences. and that's no joke. >> always. like you always wear your kron gear! [ laughter ] >> are you kidding me? you go outside with a kron blazer on? >> i said you! >> that's what i'm talking about. you get beat up, people laugh at you. you work at kron? no, too old. i retired. pam, pam -- >> stop it. just stop it. >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] josh morgan has been receiving death threats on his life. i'm smiling a little
11:27 pm
because people are insane. he threw the ball at a los angeles ram, received a 15-yard penalty which took the redskins range, they lost the game. and he's been receiving numerous death threats on twitter. very, very sad. i've been going on about it all day. so leave it like this. how sad. would you rather be josh morgan who worked hard, got yourself to the national football league or some poor little soul sitting by himself in a room tweeting? think about it. i think i'd rather be josh than this poor little guy saying -- hey, nobody knows i'm tweeting this. kill him! earthquakes are headed for the top seed in the playoffs. and there is their coach. chris
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coming off the bench, he comes through, the no. 1 seed headed for the postseason!
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